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Welcome to Cuckoo Meister!

If you are looking to buy an authentic hand-crafted cuckoo clock from Germany you came to the right place.
Here you will find one of the best selections of 100% authentic Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks for sale that you will find on the internet. You will see only the best selling German cukoo clocks from the most notable manufacturers in the Black Forest in Germany in our shop.
All of the cuckoo clock brands we are offering are a member of the “Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Association” or in German the “Verein die Schwarzwaldurh”(VdS) . This is a syndicate that was founded in 1987 in the Black Forest region of Germany in order to protect the traditional mechanical cuckoo clocks. The association represents about 90% of all the clock makers of Black Forest Clocks. The traditional clocks that are manufactured by the brands associated to the VdS will always carry a Certificate of Authenticity with the official seal logo of the VdS. Some of the coocoo clocks brands that are with the association also manufactures battery operated quartz clocks and modern cuckoo clocks. Although they are representing the same high quality, they do not have the official VdS seal even though the logo is on the mechanical movement part.

Cuckoo Clock of the Year

Since the year 2001 the VdS organizes the “Cuckoo Clock of the Year” awards every year. One of the members will be the proud holder of this prize after receiving most of the votes in this tough competition. The annual awards are being held at different locations in the Black Forest each year. This can be in a local brewery, museum or an information centre. The awards have grown lots of popularity over the years. In the 2014 competition, more than 80.000 guests visited the event.

Origin of the Cuckoo Clock

It is unknown when the first cuckoo clock was made or who invented it. But what we do know is that its origin and history can be found back in the Black Forest in the southwest of Germany. In this famous part of Germany the coo coo clock became very popular over years. In the early 18th century it is reported that several small clock workshops from the area were already making wooden cuckoo clocks. Not only in the German Black Forest cuckoo bird clocks became very popular, it also became popular in Austria and Switzerland as well. In the late 1950s the first ones became known to the public outside of Europe and were exported to other continents.

Different Types of Cuckoo Clocks

Cuckoo clocks are produced in many different types of design style, movements or music. We have compiled a list of the most famous kuku clock types that there are on the market today:

• Classic or Traditional Style
Also known as “classic” or “(hand) carved”. These hand-carved clocks mostly come in themes like wild animals and nature or hunting.
• Chalet Style
This style originated in Switzerland at the end of the 19th century. They can be found in three basic styles: Swiss chalet, Black Forest chalet and last but not least the Bavarian chalet.
• Modern Style
These clocks were introduced to the market by Rombach & Haas in the year 2005. They are available in many different designs and can be found with mechanical one day or eight day movements or digital quartz movements. Popular designs of modern coocoo clocks are: bird house clocks, free bird clocks, classic cube clocks, diamond shape clocks or pyramid clocks.

Movement of the clock

• 1-day movement They require to be wound up every day and they are generally a bit cheaper than 8 day movement clocks. Most of the time they do not have an automatic night shut-off.
• 8-day movement They require to winding up once a week and they are in most of the times more expensive that the cuckoo clocks with an 8-day cycle movement.
• Quartz movement These clocks are an alternative to the traditional mechanical clocks. They are battery operated and they simulate the music, animation and movement of classic clocks. Due to the fact they are imitations, they do not qualify for a VdS certificate but still represent the same good quality as they are produced by the reputable manufacturers.

Music & Animation

One of the favorite aspects for cuckoo fans and collectors is when clocks are playing music along with animations in the shape of moving characters like wood choppers, beer drinkers, dancing couples, kissing couples or moving trains. For the music part are the most common songs that are played ”Edelweiss” and “The Happy Wanderer”. Check out our catalogs to see our amazing clocks with animations and music.

Clocks with night shut-off

There are two main shut-off options which are automatic or manual. The manual option needs to be shut-off every night and the clock will remain silent unless you manually switch it back to the sound position. The automatic night shut-off clock has 3 options: ON, OFF and automatic. If you set the your clock to the automatic position, it will be silenced for 10 to 12 hours.

Cuckoo clock brands

We only want the best for our customers. That’s why we are only selling clocks from the best factories from the Black Forest. We offer a large selection of high quality clocks from these manufacturers:

• Trenkle Uhren
• Hones
• Hubert Herr
• Engstler
• Hekas
• Rombach & Haas
• August Schwer
• Anton Schneider
• Adolf Herr

Why you should buy from Cuckoo Meister

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by delivering top notch customer service by guiding you to get the best buying experience as possible. We are always happy to answer all your questions with useful answers on everyday of the week even in the weekends. It does not matter whether you are a customer of the Cuckoo Meister store or not, we are there to assist you to find the best matching coo coo clock to your needs. Here is a glimpse of what you can expect from us:

• Always available for questions
• Best prices on the market
• Free shipping in the USA
• No sales tax charged
• A wide and diverse collection

Feel free to contact us if you need more information about our cuckoo clocks or if you want to know more.
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