How to fix your cuckoo clock?  

The great majority of cuckoo clock owners won’t encounter any problems with their clock. However, a couple of common issues with your cuckoo clock can be fixed very easily by simply watching and following up with the troubleshooting videos that have been created by the VdS (The Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Association). Check out these great cuckoo clock repair troubleshooting videos here.


TROUBLESHOOTING VIDEO #1: Unwrapping and hanging your clock 


TROUBLESHOOTING VIDEO #2:Your clock is not working 


TROUBLESHOOTING VIDEO #3: The cuckoo is not calling 


TROUBLESHOOTING VIDEO #4: The music does not work 


TROUBLESHOOTING VIDEO #5: The hands and cuckoo call don’t match



If you followed the instruction videos and you're still having problems with your cuckoo clock you might want to consider contacting a clock repair shop in order to fix the problem. We have compiled a list for you with the best cuckoo clock repair shops worldwide. Feel free to contact them to check how they can help you in order to repair your cuckoo clock.

United States 




United Kingdom





  • The Clock Haus   
          Michael Cheah

          The Central Clark Quay-6 Eu Tong Sen Street
          Unit # 04-71

          Mobile: (+65) 9756 8886